Scarlet India Comprehensive solutions Pvt. Ltd. (SICS) is a client focused EPC (Engineering, procurement & construction) service provider. We believe that the skill of our people, our associates and our commitment to quality service make SICS a valued trusted Partner.

We do feasibility studies site investigation, value engineering construction phase services including Mechanical,Electrical,Plumbing ,Fire protection ,Design and consultancy services. We prepare specification well in advance so that client gets list of material with quality of final fix with budget cost so that client can take decision to supply any of listed item listed as Prime cost items. We provide Architecture & structural drawings from concept to actual working drawings as per client needs. Our associates engineers are certified by local town planning department. They insure that the facility design meets owner requirement.

The Scope of engineering works includes

  • Study the requirement of owner and provide advice
  • Study affection plan/town plan of site obtain building regulation in force from competent authorities and insure that the requirement of owner are matching with regulation.
  • Prepare preliminary plans including ground floor, Typical floor, and major elevations.
  • Prepare main specification for initial proposal.
  • Estimate the cost of preliminary design.
  • After consultation, amend the drawings based on the technical requirement/observation of owner.
  • Prepare Final design plans, including architecture, structure and MEP plans and details of construction finishes, internal and external according to the requirement of competent authorities.
  • Submit the drawing and get approval from the local muncipality,local civil defense and other competent authorities.
  • Prepare Bill of Quantity as per final approved drawings which describe the project details
  • Set the condition of project contract as mutually agreed by the parties which could be public or private and technical specification and prepare tender price schedule.
  • SICS will provide list of suitable subcontractor for the implementation of project in consultation with owner.
  • Guide and supervise the implementation of the work. Conduct site visits to ensure that the works are carried out in accordance with the approved work schedule and issue decision in case of conflict controversy on technical specification and conditions and requirement in accordance with contract between owner and contractor.
  • Approve construction methods of various activities to be completed by contractor or subcontractor before implementation of the same.
  • Approve material sample submitted by subcontractor for use in the project and insure that the material safety and conformance to the specification and construction industry standard.
  • Study the contractors claims and endorse the same to the owner for his perusal.
  • Conduct final inspection and cause the issuance of completion certificate and release part or whole of retention money of contractor as applicable
  • Finalize the financial account of the contractor considering claims and other entitlement if any.
  • Scarlet India procure good quality materials. Our basic procurement are to incorporate safety,quality,client satisfaction and integrity. By implementing these values we have developed strong relationship with key subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Procurement of all construction material is as per specified in contract document
  • Prime cost item as listed with budget to suit owner requirement.
  • Client do have a choice to supply any listed item in prime cost like sanitarywares,mixers ,switches and sockets, light fittings etc complete.
  • Procurement of material are carried out as per project requirement for various items.

Group of Dubai experienced engineers started SICS (Scarlet India Comprehensive Solutions PVT.LTD.)

  • SICS is fully capable General Contractor and well managed multidiscipline engineering, procurement and construction of projects.
  • We provide construction support to our valued clients no matter what the project scope entailed there by establishing a strong reputation for excellence
  • Our team provides the finest and highest quality in construction management and engineering services to valued clients.
  • We undertake various repairs,renovation,new construction and alteration to facilities and infrastructure.
  • SICS also provide project Management services throughout all phases of construction including the pre- construction, construction and maintenance phases.

Our construction of activities start from

  • Conduct land survey and prepare Budgetary cost.
  • Site visit to find out nature of soil, level, amount of backfill or cutting of soil required to start foundation work.
  • We have qualified engineers duly authorized and responsible to start construction of projects.
  • SICS observe all safety measure at site.
  • SICS Pvt.Ltd. carry out works with approved list of contractors or associates with SICS for implementation of project in consultation with owner.
  • Base line program with resources (Manpower,Material,Machinaries) along with Cash flow requirement will be submitted after signing contract.

Scarlet India Comprehensive Solutions Pvt Ltd can help you get started quickly and effectively with your new design software by providing assistance and direction so you can meet your business goals and objectives. Our Training Consulting experts provides critical training that will help increase productivity so that you can capitalize on the power of your new product.

Services can be custom created to meet your specific consulting needs, such as the data migration to your new design software product and platform. Most training is not one size fits all. We offer you with a custom training program designed to fit your company's unique training needs. Scarlet India also assures and provides benchmarking to evaluate the efficiency we brings to your designers. This is to understand the excellence or enhancement of the skills improvement or outcome of the training schedule being carried out. We conduct the specialty improvement trainings for AutoCAD in :

  • 2d Basic
  • 2d advance
  • 3d AutoCAD
  • Autolisp
  • AutoCAD customization

As per demands from many societies to give one window solution and further studies, we decided to start Facility Management Division. Our company is Dubai based and started branch in Pune to provide good quality of construction services.

We are well capable to manage preventive maintenance and operation of facilities provided by builder in your society. We work on Maintenance of Co-Operative Housing Society Buildings, Office Buildings, Commercial Tower, etc.

With our skilled workers we execute all maintenance related activities like Plumbing, Electrical, Air-Conditioning and Civil (Alteration to existing space with our skilled Masson, Carpentar, and Painter) We are well equipped to carry out Maintenance such as Ventilation, Lighting, Plumbing system, Electrical wiring, Electrical Power system, Fire Alarm and fire-fighting system, Air conditioning System.

Your enquiry are most welcome, to manage any type of facility. All your facilities will be Maintained and operated by our professional team of engineers and technicians.

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